Canadian Model Kara Lina Stars on the Cover of Gmaro Magazine

Story by Dora Rodriguez

Kara Lina @iamkaralina featured on the February 2021, issue 04 Cover of Gmaro Magazine. Photo by Gabriel Radulescu @gabrielrphotography

Canadian model Kara Lina has recently appeared on the February 2021, issue 04 cover of Gmaro Fashion Magazine. Kara Lina, a model who is originally from Lithuania is a naturalized Canadian citizen who has been modeling around the world for six years. She first got introduced into the modeling world when she was featured in Playboy magazine, the Slovakian edition, in 2015. Since then she has been on the cover of the aforementioned magazine and has been featured multiple times in different countries’ editions of Playboy. Following her success with the Playboy brand, Kara Lina went on to appear in FHM and Maxim. “I love to travel. Since my job involves me having to travel 80 per cent of the time, I am happy I chose this field of work. I’ve been able to visit about 60 countries, so far. Since a young age, coming from a family of immigrants, I was born in Lithuania, I was taught to value different cultures and value people of all walks of life. I speak English, Russian, and Lithuanian, and this has definitely helped me throughout my travels,” explained the model.

Kara Lina for Gmaro Magazine, photographed by Gabriel Radulescu.

Kara Lina has recently said that she has now transitioned from starring in men’s lifestyle magazines to the fashion world, because she is more mature these days, and needed new challenges after modeling the same genre for six years. “Fashion really is an art. It’s like acting. Modeling fashion, as opposed to glamour, isn’t so much about the model, but more about making the clothes look good, telling a story in different outfits. I’ve acted before, I actually appeared in the Canadian thriller film Twisted Pieces as the stable girl. When I was shooting for Gmaro fashion magazine, I was taken back to that time on the movie set, because you really do need to interpret a character and make different types of clothing, that you may or may not wear in your every day life, look good and not over-sensualize yourself,” said the model.

Kara Lina for Gmaro Magazine, photographed by Gabriel Radulescu.

In addition to modeling around the world and acting, Kara Lina also donates her spare time to doing a lot of philanthropic work. “I am involved with Rally for Kids with cancer by Sick Kids hospital. I’ve done a Canadian tour with them, traveling around to different cities and doing a race in order to raise money for cancer research. We raised $1,027,500 in 2016 in Vancouver alone! Other cities involved were Winnipeg, Muskoka and Toronto. I must thank Solutions with Impact Joel Hock and Bobby Genovese for allowing me to take part in this wonderful project. I also participated in the SPCA Fore for Pets charity celebrity golf tournament in Prince Albert,” explained the model.

To keep up with Kara Lina’s exciting journey follow her on instagram @iamkaralina, where she can also be reached for interviews, events, photoshoots, and appearances.

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