Fashion Designer Miley Cao Wins Emerging Designer of the Year Award Thanks to Eco-Friendly Brand at Vie Fashion Week in Dubai

Story by Dora Rodriguez

Photo from Instagram

Miley Cao is a Vietnamese Fashion Designer based in UAE who creates eco-friendly luxury collections for women. Her curiosity and passion to create unique and luxury designs for women lead her to launch her new brand, Miley Cao.

Last week, Cao debuted her eco-friendly luxury collection on the catwalk of Vie Fashion Week in Dubai. Vie Fashion Week (VFW) was founded and created by fashion designers Akhil & Aiswarya, A Square London — The Fashion House. Fashion designers and brands from across the globe showcased and exhibited their amazing creativity at VFW to enhance their brand’s visibility and increase their sales. Through VFW, the designer duo wanted to bring the world of fashion to a single platform, so they created what they call “the biggest, most stunning, and most innovative fashion runway experience in the world of fashion.”

Photo from Instagram

Global Designers at VFW like Miley Cao, gave the fashion world the opportunity to witness the amalgamation of different indigenous, international cultures, and all the latest trends on a single platform. It also brought different ethnicities, colorful trends, and humanity together at VFW with their slogan “We don’t stand for Discrimination.”
Designers, boutiques, textiles, beauty products, accessories, manufacturers of fabrics, and government and private entities all had the opportunity to exhibit their latest designs, products, and cutting edge technology to the world of fashion last week at VFW. Participants and guests interacted with the media, celebrities, fashion experts, bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers in hopes of taking their businesses to the next level.
VFW aims to be one of the top five fashion weeks in the world by 2030, which is why Cao saw this as an outstanding opportunity to showcase her unique brand to the world.

Model wearing Miley Cao Eco-friendly luxury dress on the Vie Fashion Week Catwalk.

The Vietnamese designer’s eco-friendly luxury dresses are so unique that she won the “Emerging Designer of the Year” award at Vie Fashion Week. In addition to participating in this fashion show and winning this outstanding award, Cao’s dresses have been featured on the cover of HP Magazine and she has also been engaging in the ever-so-popular trend of influencer marketing. Huge influencers like Caterina Valentino, and others, with over 2 million followers on instagram, have also shot in Miley Cao’s designs.

Model Kristine Cobele modeling a Miley Cao eco-friendly dress on the cover of HP Magazine

It is clear that this designer is on her way to global success by making smart marketing choices, in addition to bringing a unique brand to the table. It wouldn’t be surprising to see her dresses on the cover of world-renown magazines like Harper’s Bazaar or Vogue, next.

Influencer Caterina Valentina modeling a Miley Cao eco-friendly luxury dress at Palazzo Versace hotel, in Dubai

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