Miss Universe Stunner Dora Rodriguez Lands Coveted Collaboration with Victoria’s Secret Chile

Story by Sarah Roy

Model Dora Rodriguez wearing Victoria’s Secret Lingerie for new collaboration with Victoria’s Secret Chile. Photo from instagram @dorarodriguez.es

Spanish-Canadian fashion model Dora Rodriguez has been keeping busy through 2021. Earlier in the year she landed the cover of HP Magazine and also Surreal Fashion magazine, and has been collaborating with multiple fashion and jewelry brands internationally. Rodriguez has been known to be an advocate for body positivity and female empowerment, so when Victoria’s Secret Chile wanted to collaborate, she realized the brand is becoming much more inclusive of curvier body types. The Spanish-Canadian fashion model was described by Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam as “an example of femininity with her beautiful, voluptuous latina frame.” Standing tall at 174 cm, the model has long legs but is different than other fashion models who are considered “waiflike,” by many fashion bloggers; whereas Rodriguez, although slim, has a curvier physique, with a small waist, but bigger, rounder hips.

“I’ve always been a fan of Victoria’s Secret lingerie, but I’ve never been a size 0, I’m a size 4 and won’t become smaller than that, as it’s my own beauty and health preference, so I thought I was “too big” to ever collaborate with my favourite lingerie brand. When I learned that back in 2019 Victoria’s Secret had accepted its first plus-sized model Ali Tate-Cutler, although I’m not considered plus-size, I did realize that maybe one day, I too could be affiliated with this amazing brand. And now that has happened and I’m more than honored and thrilled!” said the model.

Model Dora Rodriguez wearing Victoria’s Secret Lingerie. Photo by Gabriel Radulescu.

Rodriguez has said although she is considered an “in-between” fashion model, meaning she’s not a size 0 but she’s also not plus-sized, she has been lucky and has been quite successful in the industry, landing multiple popular fashion magazine covers worldwide. She hopes to continue to raise awareness of the dangers of being unhealthy, whether that means being too thin or too big, and hopes to inspire younger generations of girls who wish to enter the industry to stay true to themselves and lead a healthy lifestyle, by eating a nutritiously-rich diet, and exercising, but to not become obsessed with unrealistic beauty standards.

“I think it’s important for girls to develop a healthy level of self-love from a young age, so they are able to engage in healthy eating habits and also enter healthy relationships in adulthood. It’s OK to want to look beautiful and to take care of oneself, but it’s vital not to lose sight of what’s important, which is also nurturing our minds on a daily-basis and being happy with ourselves,” explained Rodriguez.

The model’s exciting journey can be followed on instagram @dorarodriguez.es and twitter @dorarodrigueztv .